The e-Transformation Communication Infrastructure (MPLS) service is provided for Public Institutions by means of Service Providers (ISP) for creating a safe and closed-circuit communication infrastructure between the Center and the endpoints of the Public Institution within the frame of Offering Public Services in an Integrated and Effective manner.

MPLS System
MPLS Service Activities
MPLS (Communication Infrastructure Projects)

The meaning of MPLS is Multi Protocol Label Switching.

  • Each package is provided with a label recognized by all communication methods by the MPLS protocol along with IP addresses, where the added labels are introduced to all routers. Thus, the source and target points having the same label are known by the entire network and the communication among these points are held more rapidly.
  • A separate VPN area (Safe and Closed Network) is created on the MPLS network for each user.
  • End connections belonging to users are defined in these VPN areas. In this way, a virtual, safe, and interdependent network is created on the MPLS network for each user.
  • It is a safe and high-quality infrastructure service for institutions for communicating data, voice, and images on a continuous, reliable, and uninterrupted basis with their offices, branches, dealers, customers, agencies, and distributors across the country.
  • Critical applications are either prioritized or provided with more capacity allocation so as to keep the user satisfaction and business continuity at the highest level.

Türksat have concluded communication cooperation protocols in 2012 with the Social Security Institution and the State Railways for transferring the communication infrastructures of these institutions between their centers and endpoints to MPLS infrastructures.

In this context, the following have been transferred to a MPLS structure and they have begun to provide service:

  • Approximately **500** endpoint of the Social Security Institution,
  • Approximately **300** endpoint of the State Railways.
  • Communication Infrastructure Service Provision Project of the Social Security Institution - e-Transformation Project
  • Project of Communication Infrastructure Service Procurement for TCDD Central and Provincial Organization