The Digital Archive System is managing documents in a paperless environment and storing them in a digital environment. The basic elements here are documents. Therefore, each document must be structured by being featured. Document structuring is typing documents in terms of their contents, obtaining data which may be used as access points (project name, project code, district, block, plot, layout, number, decision, decision no, etc.), and creating a database from these data.

Benefits of System
Purpose of System
Digitalizing Phases
  • Time for accessing to documents is minimized,
  • Labor and time savings,
  • Accessing the originals is not necessary anymore, so document wear is avoided,
  • Bringing documents, even the ones we forgot they exist, to daylight is very quick with this system,
  • Multiple persons can access to the same document at the same moment,
  • Information sharing and thus corporate productivity increases.


Some of the basic principles are as follows: Providing the utilization of information from a single point within an electronic environment allowing multiple use,

  • Finding and updating all documents being / to be used easily, accessing documents rapidly and keeping them in a sharable condition,
  • Minimizing labor, time, and funds spent for printing, copying, filing, and archiving documents, and providing the healthy transfer of all kinds of documents to future generations.

Preparing Documents for Scanning

Materials such as staples and paper clips, which may damage the machines, are cleared. Documents not to be scanned are separated. Documents to be scanned are arranged for a convenient passage through scanner.


After being arranged, documents are scanned so as to be transferred to electronic environment.

Image Enhancement

Some algorithms are applied at this stage for enhancing the quality of digitalized images.


Data such as document type, document number, document date, file to which document belongs is taken for accessing documents.

Control Procedure

Care must be taken to have the document scanning and indexing processes are complete. The basis of accessing to document is entering the information correctly.

Incomplete tasks must be followed by daily controls and quality control should be performed at every stage of the job.


Data obtained from the scanning process are transferred to the Digital Archive Automation after being indexed.