Public Security Network
Emergency Management Center
Citizen-Oriented Service Transformation

The backbone of the e-Government architecture will be created by establishing a common communication infrastructure instead of public bodies' investments in network infrastructures different from one another.

The aim is to establish a common network for all public institutions in order to conduct inter- and intra-institutional data exchange within high security standards and common connection type standards, and to provide cost savings by merging the network investments of institutions with their internet connections.

The project supports the strategic objectives determined for modernization in public administration. The basic infrastructure will be built for inter-institutional coordination and cooperation by the project, where repetitive investments in networks will be avoided, so that operational efficiency will be achieved. Furthermore, a high security in data exchange will be provided.

An Emergency Management Center for Information Systems will be established in accordance with the common needs of public institutions, where the systems required for sustaining the critical tasks of the institutions to be served and backing up their information will be built.

Technical support shall be provided for public institutions, which are not included in the central system, in establishing their own emergency management systems.

The development of public electronic services will be provided by identifying the expectations and needs of users in public institutions and organizations. An e-Counsel system will be put into practice for collecting the views of citizens in electronic environment.

Moreover, a "user satisfaction index" for the e-Government services developed by institutions will be formed, and regular measurements will be conducted. A customer follow-up and customer relations management system will be built for measuring the customer satisfaction.