The e-Government Portal (www.tü is a platform where public services are offered electronically from a single internet page to citizens, businesses, and other public entities with a simple, plain and understandable wording.

By means of the e-Government Portal, a platform with the following aspects has been implemented:

  • Presents public information and services to citizens and businesses clearly and understandably.
  • Purified from legal, technical, and foreign terms,
  • Content is updated on a regular basis,
  • Prevents waste of labor, time, and resources,
  • It can be used easily by disabled citizens as well,
  • Enables access to public services within the shortest time on a 7/24 basis.

This platform can be examined in two main sections.

Citizen Information Page (e-Government Portal)

  • A single point of access to information and services
  • Content targeted at citizens' easy access to government services
  • Personalized content and services

e-Service Integration (e-Government Portal)

  • Point of sharing data among government agencies
  • Design and presentation of common e-Government services
  • Infrastructure or central security, identity verification, and payment unit

Thanks to the e-Government Portal, an infrastructure enabling citizens to access desired information and services on a continuous basis is being implemented. A common structure is being created for developing, presenting, and improving e-Government services based on the needs of citizens and public institutions.

Thanks to this structure providing identity verification by password and e-signature and privacy of personal information, citizens are able to benefit safely from electronic public services.

Türksat carries out extensive and comprehensive efforts with its expertise in information and communication technologies for providing uninterrupted, fast, and secure government services from a single portal and on a common platform (www.tü The e-Government Portal is an important step towards the creation a public administration based upon offering citizen-oriented public services, transparency, and availability.

During the performance of this task assigned to the Ministry of Transportation, Türksat is cooperating with all public institutions and organizations and making all necessary effort for the success of the project.


Installation and Administration Services for Information Systems

These services are comprised of backup systems either for servers and network systems in line with the common needs of public entities or for data backups for making them maintaining their critical functions in case of emergency. In this context, public organizations and institutions are provided by Türksat with the following:

  • Project or system design; procurement, installation, and configuration services
  • Installation of central monitoring and administration systems
  • Server hosting
  • Data backup
  • Creating business sustainability procedures
  • Consultancy services and all kinds of infrastructure services which can be needed in this context

Safe Network Applications

One of the most secure IT infrastructures of Turkey among public institutions is being established for the security of the e-Government Portal. A maximum security has been obtained at the e-Government Portal by installing software and hardware to ensure the delivery of secure electronic public services to citizens.
The encoding, security levels, and criteria for document production, storage and transmission of public entities and their standards in sharing aspects have been identified working in partnership with public bodies and making use of academic resources as well. Türksat also provides consultancy and application support in these issues to public bodies.

Web Site Hosting Services

The web sites of requesting public institutions are hosted centrally. Consultancy services, page testing and hosting in secure environments intended to ensuring standardization is being provided for web sites of public bodies, including local administrations, for issues such as the following:

  • Visual harmony,
  • Service quality,
  • Availability,
  • Access of disabled citizens,
  • Identity management.

Tests on web sites intended to criteria such as availability of web applications and access of disabled citizens are being held by Türksat by using eye-tracker technology.

Integrated Payment and Collection Applications


A central payment system has been implemented for collection of dues such as taxes and fees which have to be collected by public bodies from citizens or businesses in exchange for public services. Public bodies are provided with consultancy and application support on these issues.

Electronic Identity Management System Applications

An identity verification system composed of user codes and passwords are being used in e-Government services put into practice by public institutions, where each institutions creates its own user code and password. Some other public bodies meet the requirement of identity verification by using e-signature and mobile signature.

A common identity verification system composed of password, e-signature, and mobile signature has been built for electronic public services offered by public institutions through the e-Government Portal. Türksat develops applications in which identity verification systems such as password, e-signature, and mobile signature can work in an integrated manner, and put these applications into service of public institutions.