New Broadcasting Technologies

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Due to the pioneering vision of Türksat in terms of new broadcasting technologies, broadcasters and viewers are matched as a result of researching and following up new broadcasting technologies and of the necessary work.

Ultra HD Broadcasting Activities

An Ultra HD 4K broadcast under Turksat-4K logo has been started on 05.11.2014 by using images compiled by Ultra HD 4K camera of Türksat and from various regions of Turkey by means of the HEVC H265 encoding technique, a new image compression technology. End users are now able to watch Ultra HD 4K images through Türksat Satellites by means of Ultra HD 4K HEVC satellite receivers or of Ultra HD 4K television sets having integrated HEVC Ultra HD 4K satellite receivers. The Ultra HD broadcast content can be watched by means of various Ultra HD 4K television sets. Türksat-TRT 4K broadcast has been commissioned as of 2015 based on a protocol by and between our company and TRT.  The characteristics of the content of our Ultra HD 4K broadcast are as follows: 3840x2160 resolution, 50fps (50 frames per second), and progressive scanning.

Türksat 4K